• 901 E. Del Mar Blvd.
  • Pasadena, CA 91101
  • T: (626) 673-1865

Classic and Vegan Ice Cream

Food service newcomer Foulay Saelor started the minimalist shop in 2016 in the South Lake Avenue shopping district, naming the concept after his son.  It is a one-stop destination for classic and vegan ice cream.  His creamy bun is similar to the milky bun in design, but he favors dense glazed cronuts (croissant donuts) instead of more basic donuts. Bengees ice cream case is full of flavors as diverse as Southern California including matcha green tea, horchata, churro, taro, nutella, and black sesame. The shop also pays homage to classics like pistachio and Dutch chocolate.  Bengees has also been scooping four to five rotating vegan flavors from vendor Divine Dips. Recently, they’ve served Thai tea, infinite mint (mint chip), chocolate raspberry truffle, caffe no lait, and amaretto almond trio. Divine Dips’ vegan ice cream is made with coconut and nut milks.  Toppings and drizzles include Graham cracker crumble, slivered almonds, and caramel sauce, which are pressed inside each bun before serving.  They also have cups and cones, but indulge in the creamy bun.  Bengees motto on their white wall states “Treat Yo Self.”

South Lake

Experience the mid-century charm of Pasadena’s South Lake Avenue district, the city’s premier shopping district. South Lake’s 10 tree-lined blocks are home to a diverse collection of national stores, unique boutiques, delicious restaurants, salons, and other services reflecting the historic ambiance of the area’s 1940s origins.