Bakeries & Sweets

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Bakeries & Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a little something. Whether you're a chocoholic or carb-lover, Pasadena has the perfect guilty pleasure for you.

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21 Choices


21 Choices serves a variety of customizable frozen yogurt flavors to help you stay cool. Choose from fruits, nuts, cookies, and other sweets to make your froyo...


3Catea Go

3Catea Go

3Catea Go offers high-quality fruit juices, tea, and homemade desserts in a relaxed setting. They prioritize using the finest ingredients in their products....


7 Tea


Not Just a Boba Shop. Known for having it all, 7 Tea is the ultimate destination for all your boba tea needs! The menu features a variety of tea, coffee, and...


Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee 1

Since opening on iconic Melrose Place in 2013 with its trademarked tagline “But First, Coffee,” Alfred has built a passionate following with eye-catching cafe...


Beard Papa's


Since 1999, Beard Papa's has been creating the World's Best Cream Puffs. They began in Japan and have expanded to over 475 stores in 15 countries and...

Bloomfield creamery

Enjoy the high quality, homemade, premium ice cream from this family-owned creamery. On the menu, there's also frozen yogurt and edible cookie dough. Enjoy...


Boba ChaCha


Boba ChaCha is a chic, Instagram-worthy boba shop located in Old Pasadena. Their menu consists of sweet drinks, smoothies, unique tea flavors ranging from...

Bubble Puff Tea

Bubble Puff & Tea is created by two PCC alumni for the simple love of Tea and Hong Kong style egg waffles. Carefully sourced from premium tea plantations in...


Artisan Creamery. East Pasadena is ground zero for Carmela Ice Cream chef/owner Jessica Mortarotti and business partner Zachary Cox, who now run three...