Norton Simon Museum

Plan Your Trip


Pasadena is known for its abundance of renowned cultural institutions, many within walking distance of one another.

Full Day – One Attraction

The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens easily provides a beautiful one-day escape into bliss. Arrange a 90-minute guided tour to get an overview of the art museum and botanical gardens, then take the rest of the day to explore at your leisure 120 acres of the breathtaking property. Enjoy a cup of tea at the Rose Garden Tea Room where reservations are required for their traditional English tea service or enjoy lunch a’la cart at 1919 café.

Full Day – Two or More Attractions


Norton Simon Museum is located two blocks from the Gamble House and Pasadena Museum, making it possible to visit all in one day for a full day of art, architecture and culture. If you only have a few hours at the Norton Simon Museum, with its vast array of European and Asian art, arrange for a guide or use the self-guided audio tour for selected sections you wish to view.

A guided tour of the Craftsman masterpiece known as the Gamble House, circa 1908, takes about an hour.

Pasadena Museum of History is home to Fenyes Mansion which still retains all of its original furnishings dating back to 1905. The campus also includes the Finnish Folk Art Museum and History Center Galleries. Choose to visit one or all of the facilities.


The USC Pacific Asia Museum, which is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and understanding of the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific can easily be explored in 45–90 minutes.


The Armory Center for the Arts is located in Old Pasadena and lies within walking distance of Pasadena City Hall, making this an easy add-on to any itinerary. Meanwhile, the Williamson Gallery displays cutting-edge works at a unique gallery located at the ArtCenter College of Design above the Rose Bowl Stadium.