Pasadena offers a little bit of something for everyone. There are architectural, public art, photography, and biking tours that allow visitors and locals alike to discover Pasadena in a new light.

Architecture and Landmark Tours

In true "choose your own adventure" style, Visit Pasadena has compiled a collection of 10 self-guided tours that take you around various districts and neighborhoods of Pasadena, to give you a taste of the different historic sites and architectural influences that helped shape the city into what it is today. Choose from famous landmarks, craftsman homes, Victorian influenced, and more.

Self-Guided Tours

Art and Sculptures Tour

The Playhouse Village, Pasadena's main art district, is filled with painted utility boxes, giant murals, and colorful creativity - not to mention it's home to the Pasadena Playhouse, the official state theater of California. This overflow of inspiration has also spread throughout the city, allowing sculptures, painters, artists, and anyone to express themselves through unique outlets.

12 Must-See Sculptures and Public Art

Photography Tour

There's no denying that Pasadena is a gorgeous city. With historic buildings, luscious landscapes, and California sunshine that provides a plethora of white light, Pasadena is a photographer's dream. Depending on your preference, make sure you check out these must-shoot locations, perfect for amateur and professional photographers alike.

Photography Tour

Biking Tour

Looking to cover more ground? Grab your helmet and some headphones as you bike throughout the city, following along with this self-guided audio tour. This tour was developed through a collaboration between Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, Pasadena Department of Cultural Affairs, and Side Street Projects to give you a little taste of everything - architecture, landmarks, scenic views, and colorful sculptures.

Biking Tours