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Fried Chicken Guide

April 02, 2023 | Posted in Food

If you're looking for crispy, flaky chicken or savory, tender meat that falls off the bone, you're in luck. Pasadena knows how to do some of the best fried chicken, with a lineup of LA's top hotspots that will make your mouth water just thinking about it.


Roscoe's Fried Chicken & Waffles

Roscoe's is a Southern Californian fried chicken institution, a soul food restaurant founded by Herb Hudson, a Harlem native. Sink your teeth into this celebrity favorite combo of fried chicken and waffles, complete with maple syrup, chicken gravy, and other southern fixings.

Roscoe's Pasadena


Howlin' Rays

Howlin' Rays

When Howlin' Rays opened their first store in 2015, it sparked a hot chicken craze in Los Angeles, with an infamous 3 hour line and chaotic parking. Their latest outpost in Pasadena is their second spot, and it is delivering the same outstanding fried chicken in a spacious full-service location on South Arroyo Parkway, with plenty of seating. Check their Instagram to see how the long line wait times are and enjoy eating in this hotspot.

Howlin' Rays Pasadena

Hot in Old Pasadena

Main Chick Hot Chicken

Main Chick

Main Chick Hot Chicken is a passion-inspired food concept serving the most unique Nashville style fried chicken to date. Their team has culminated the best version of product to create the most enjoyable experience for guests. They serve hot chicken with spices ranging from mild to some of the hottest peppers in the world.

Main Chick Hot Chicken

New Japanese Fried Chicken Spot

Tokyo Chick

Tokyo Chick

Japanese Fried Chicken is made using a technique called karaage, where it is coated using a light flour before deep-frying in oil. Karaage is synonymous with chicken nowadays, but at Tokyo Chick, you can enjoy 5 different homemade Japanese sauces to go with your fried chicken. There's teriyaki, wasabi, garlic soy, tokyo spicy, and signature crispy. There's also bento boxes, perfect for lunch.

Tokyo Chick

Local's Favorite

Louisiana Fried Chicken

Louisiana Fried...

Come for the surprisingly crispy chicken with just the right amount of spice, located in between the flurry of fried chicken spots on Lake Avenue. You'll have to order take-out through a bullet proof glass, but not before reading about how this chain is an Cambodian-American immigrant success story. The locals love this spot for the crunchy goodness, and we recommend checking out the cute shops in East Washington for an after meal walk.

Louisiana Fried Chicken Pasadena

Not a Fried Chicken Restaurant

Top's Restaurant

Top Restaurant

Top Restaurant on Colorado/Allen has some of the best crispy fried chicken. This mom-and-pop shop serves Hawaiian food, but the fried chicken is a clear star of the show. Read the rave reviews across the board for motivation. Enjoy the crisp and golden Indonesian fried chicken with a selection of fun mains, such as loco moco, Indonesian fried rice, spam musubi, and more.

Top Restaurant