Pasadena Boba Trail

Sip Along Historic Route 66

Boba Trail

Rooted in local Asian American history and cultural relevance, Pasadena’s boba culture is a vibrant celebration of the Taiwanese tea-based beverage typically containing tea, milk and milk alternatives, and tapioca balls known as boba or pearls. With a variety of flavors, toppings, and formats, boba is the perfect personalized drink to enjoy with friends, while shopping, and exploring the must-see places on Pasadena’s historic Route 66.

Pasadena Boba Trail Map

In advance of National Bubble Tea Day on April 30, Visit Pasadena has launched the Pasadena Boba Trail for foodies and travelers to experience an immersive, and delicious, exploration of the city’s historic Route 66.

Pasadena Boba Trail

Two-Day Guide: Explore Pasadena Route 66 with the Pasadena Boba Trail

Take your drinks on the go and explore the beautiful Old Pasadena, Playhouse Village, and South Lake Avenue districts, as well as stops along Colorado Boulevard for those taking adventurous Route 66 road trips. Toggle the map layer “Explore Route 66” to see the historic landmarks and marvelous attractions along the historic route and check out our Travel Guide: 2 Days on the Pasadena Boba Trail Exploring Route 66 for inspiration!

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Boba or Bubble Tea?

In California, the de facto terminology is “boba tea,” while elsewhere the term “bubble tea” is the norm. Born from the neighboring cities’ high population of Taiwanese and Chinese immigrants, boba culture in Pasadena has flourished in recent years as the drink has become a defining symbol of the San Gabriel Valley.

Boba Served with Desserts & Food

The Pasadena Boba Trail offers foodies and boba subculture enthusiasts a curated trip through the city’s exciting neighborhoods. The points of interest include a variety of boba shops and cafes, each with different signature drinks and dessert offerings like a Thai Tea boba soft serve, while others are full blown Taiwanese-style cafés offering basil popcorn chicken, fried squid legs, and Taiwanese sausage on rice. Explore the boba shops in Pasadena and discover flavor-packed delights that are as photogenic as they are delicious.