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New Restaurants & Food Trends in Pasadena

November 15, 2022 | Posted in Food

Restaurant openings aren’t seeing any sort of slowdown with exciting new spots across Pasadena. Here are the hottest new openings and food trends.

1. Mandarin Coffee Stand at the Burlington Arcade

Head to the Burlington Arcade for the new Mandarin Coffee Stand’s exciting Chinese coffee beans from the Yunnan province mixed with Guatemalan coffee.

2. Marina Pasadena in South Lake District

South Lake District’s new Marina Pasadena brings a fabulous wine selection and a modern take on Italian classics.

3. Dim Sum in Old Pas

In Old Pas, get a taste of the lavish dim sum scene reminiscent of Guangdong’s finest at Chef Tony.

4. Spanish Tapas and Paella

Savor the delicious food at Dos Besos, focusing on the coastal cooking of Valencia, a port city in Southern Spain.

5. The George on Washington

Experience The George’s beautiful Golden Age themed interiors and delicious new-American plates.

6. Pasadena's Fogo de Chao

If you’re feeling like filling up on amazing Brazilian barbeque, head to the newest Fogo de Chao location in Pasadena’s Civic Center District.

7. Boba or Bubble Tea Shops Abound

We have been enjoying a Boba renaissance in Pasadena and you can almost spot one on every corner. The deliciously brewed teas paired with tapioca balls known in some parts of the world as “bubble tea” is often offered alongside instagrammable Asian baked goods that line the glass encasements. Visit our selection of Boba shops, such as the new Boba ChaCha, where you snag some Japanese-style taiyaki to pair with chewy house made boba in a refreshing cold tea.

8. Howlin' Ray's Comes to Pasadena AS A FULL SERVICE RESTAURANT

Howlin's Ray's has finally opened its doors to a second location and it is already scorching hot! When they first debut in 2016, their Nashville-style hot chicken broke Chinatown with lines up to 4 hours. Now the group has opened the doors to a massive new space on Arroyo Parkway. The menu will begin to expand in the coming months with new items and rotating specials that could sound like scallops, shrimp and grits, tomahawk steaks and more.