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Live Your Bridgerton Dreams in Pasadena

June 17, 2024 | Posted in Things To Do

Fans of the beloved Bridgerton series must plan a visit to Pasadena and live out their high society dreams. Our Bridgerton-inspired itinerary is the perfect place to start.

The journey begins at The Langham Huntington, a luxurious hotel reminiscent of grand English estates. Beyond the hotel, indulge in quintessential afternoon tea at the exquisite Tea Rose Garden, where Lady Rosedown herself would feel at home amidst the fine China and delicate pastries (we hear the Duchess of Sussex is also a fan).

After tea, take a leisurely stroll through the Civic neighborhood for a charming and elegant photoshoot at the historic City Hall. Pasadena’s allure doesn’t end there. The City’s architecture and scenic beauty create a perfect backdrop for your Regency-era fantasies.

Whether you’re a devoted Bridgerton fan or simply in search of a charming getaway, Pasadena promises an enchanting experience filled with elegance and grace.

Where to Stay:

Check in at the Langham Huntington for a timeless experience. This fancy hotel, reminiscent of grand English estates, offers refined accommodations, exquisite afternoon tea, and a serene rose garden, providing guests with an enchanted and tranquil retreat.

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The Westin Pasadena offers a blend of modern luxury and classic charm. Nestled in the heart of Pasadena, the elegant hotel provides upscale accommodations, sophisticated amenities (fit for a diamond), and stunning views of City Hall.

What to Do:

huntington museum pasadena

Visit The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens for a journey into botanical splendor. The delightful gardens feature diverse landscapes, from serene Japanese gardens to lush rose collections, offering a tranquil escape filled with natural beauty and serenity, perfect for those seeking inspiration amidst breathtaking horticultural artistry.

The Norton Simon Museum is a must see, as it immerses you in a world of artistic excellence. Home to a prestigious collection of European masterpieces, Asian art, and modern sculptures, this museum offers an enriching cultural experience, ideal for art enthusiasts and seekers of beauty and inspiration.

The Wrigley Mansion offers a glimpse into eternal grace and historical grandeur. This stately home, surrounded by lush gardens, showcases superb architecture and period furnishings, providing a peaceful experience for visitors captivated by Pasadena’s rich heritage and the charm of a bygone era.

pasadena museum history

The Fenyes Mansion, also regarded as the esteemed Pasadena Museum of History, exudes refined classiness and historical allure. This grand estate, with its beautifully preserved architecture and opulent interiors, offers a captivating glimpse into early 20th-century luxury, providing visitors with an enriching experience of Pasadena's cultural heritage and sophisticated past.

Arlington Gardens is a hidden oasis of allure. This peaceful, Mediterranean-inspired garden invites visitors to wander through vibrant blooms, winding pathways, and tranquil spaces, offering an inspired retreat and a delightful escape into nature's beauty and harmony.

Let the Tea Rose Garden fulfill all your Bridgerton dreams with a picturesque setting for afternoon tea. Amidst blooming roses and charming garden décor, guests can savor delicate teas and delectable pastries. This captivating experience is a must for those seeking an authentic and delightful escape into a world of floral elegance. For a more intimate experience, try the Rose Tea Cottage, another charming destination for afternoon tea. With its cozy, vintage ambiance and beautifully set tables, it’s truly a delightful location. Guests enjoy exquisite teas and delectable treats, making it a must-visit for those seeking a quaint and memorable outing.

Pasadena Playhouse Plaque photographed by Jessica Yeh

The Pasadena Playhouse, a beacon of theatrical brilliance, invites discerning visitors to its enchanting performances. Each production, a masterful display of artistry and emotion, transports audiences to worlds of captivating narratives. Attending a show here is a sublime affair, offering an exquisite taste of culture and refined entertainment.

The Burlington Arcade, a haven of refined shopping, entices visitors with its extraordinary boutiques and delightful ambiance. Strolling through this lavish arcade, one discovers an array of tasteful treasures, perfect for the discerning shopper. It is a lovely pursuit, blending refinement and leisurely indulgence in equal measure.

Antique shopping in Pasadena is a most enjoyable affair, where enlightened visitors uncover treasures of yesteryear amidst charming emporiums. Each shop, a trove of history and grace, offers exquisite artifacts and timeless pieces. It is a sublime pursuit, perfect for those who cherish the allure of bygone eras and refined craftsmanship.

Where to Commemorate Your Visit:

Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena's City Hall, with its resplendent Spanish Colonial architecture, provides a most dazzling backdrop for capturing memories. Its grand dome and resplendent arches create scenes of timeless beauty, perfect for those seeking to immortalize their visit. It is a picturesque haven, ideal for photographs that exude sophistication and dexterity.

Colorado Street Bridge scenic shot in Pasadena California

The Colorado Street Bridge is illuminated by charming lamp posts, offering a bewitching setting for photography. Under the soft glow of these vintage lights, one captures moments of romantic allure and timeless style. It is a sublime location for creating memories that evoke the poise and glamour of a bygone era.