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Explore Pasadena App

December 30, 2016

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About the App

Our newly designed app called Explore Pasadena is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Explore Pasadena replaces an older version (GoPasadena), the new app is more visually appealing and easier to use—it also features illustrations by artist, Aaron Spurgeon.

iPad & Tablet

In addition to smartphones, Explore Pasadena also works on iPad and tablet devices.

City Guides

The app features city guides curated by local experts, each focused on different tribes of travel.

Savvy Sophisticate
This guide is curated for the fashion forward travelers who want to explore hip restaurants and shops and visit the most creative spaces for Instagram pics.

Avid Adventurer
This guide offers insight for the best hikes, outdoor activities, and the best way to experience nature in the area. The guide also provides recommendations for beer gardens and other watering holes where one can find like-minded folks.

Cultured Cosmopolitan
For those who like to experience the best of the city, this guide features interesting tours, coffee shops, wine bars and sushi.

Curious Epicurean
This guide is for foodies, by foodies. Learn about California Cuisine and Pasadena’s culinary scene, from fine dining restaurants to street food; and discover the Chinese restaurants hidden in strip malls throughout the San Gabriel Valley that come with high praise from Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning Food Critic for the Los Angeles Times.

Confident Connoisseur
For an opulent take on Pasadena follow this guide, experience the legacy of Henry Huntington, Norton Simon, The Gamble’s, The Wrigley’s, and others families that helped shape Pasadena.

Things to Do

Explore Pasadena features a calendar of events, and listings of restaurants, bars, attractions and hotels.

Travel Information

Research the best ways to travel to Pasadena with airport and airline information; best options for getting to Pasadena from the airport; and learn about our newly expanded mass transit systems.

Aaron Spurgeon

Growing up in Pasadena exploring its beautiful neighborhoods and spending much of his time admiring the city’s architecture, Aaron Spurgeon was inspired to study at Art Center College of Design. Today, Aaron is a professional artist who worked on animation projects like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, and Micky Mouse Shorts. View Aaron’s blog→

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