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Current Openings:

Manager of Engineering:

Position Description

The Manager of Engineering is responsible for the general administration of the department, which handles the operation and maintenance of the facility/grounds. Responsibilities include managing all systems and maintenance areas, including energy planning, heating, ventilation, A/C, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, mechanical, painting, elevators, roof management, etc.

Primary Accountabilities:

  • Coordinate resolution of maintenance and repair problems through the Facility Engineers, including evaluating the work required, planning and layout of projects, reading blueprints, and approving the assignment, timeline, and inspection schedules recommended by the staff.
  • Ensure the facility remains in compliance with applicable fire, safety and building codes at all times.
  • Ensure work is performed in compliance with codes, ordinances, regulations and other requirements, including but not limited to NFPA, IBC, Leadership in
  • Environmental and Energy Design Certification (LEED) and OSHA.
  • Develop yearly budget, monitor expenditures of all systems and maintenance costs for contracted services.
  • Oversee and evaluate work performance of engineering staff to organize and improve building systems and maintenance areas.
  • Determine and make budget recommendations for yearly budgets, and work with Director of Facility Operations in development of five-year capital plans and budgets.
  • Ensure high-quality customer service for internal and external customers.
  • Manage personnel, administer and develop related policies and procedures, and approve proposals of new, improved and work methods and equipment.
  • Establish and maintain operational procedures for engineering staff, exclusive on-site providers, and contractors.
  • Develop and maintain relationships and interactions with all PCOC departments to integrate client requirements with safe operation and maintenance of City buildings.
  • Manage the selection and subcontracting of all vendors and consultants related to engineering.
  • Interact and communicate with clients and regulators as the primary Company representative for all engineering functions.
  • Work closely with other functions under Facility Operations to successfully engineer and support projects.
  • Develop, monitor, and report on engineering costs within functional areas. Make recommendations and implement solutions to problems.
  • Work to insure that best management practices are being followed for all construction design.
  • Introduce innovative and emerging technologies and methods to projects that improve performance and cost efficiencies.
  • Monitor and develop team member performance to include, but not limited to providing supervisor and professional development, conducting performance reviews and delivering recognition and reward.

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