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Journalists are welcome to request travel assistance when working on an editorial story about Pasadena. Thank you for your interest in visiting Pasadena. In order to provide you with the best response, please read the following policies and restrictions before filling out the press trip request form. All inquiries will receive a response within 24-48 hours.


  1. To qualify for travel assistance, journalists must complete the press visit request form and submit samples of recent travel stories within the past 3-6 months (i.e. copies of the publication and/or broadcast clip), along with an email or letter from an assignment editor confirming the story. If your recent editorial coverage has yet to publish, please explain why and when it will be available.
  2. Requests must be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the anticipated arrival date. If you cannot provide six weeks’ notice, we will assist you as much as possible but cannot guarantee your request will be approved.
  3. For approved media requests, the Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau can opt to provide complimentary airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meals and activities based on the approved editorial angle.
  4. Film permits are handled by the City of Pasadena’s Planning and Community Development division. For additional details, visit
  5. Following the press visit, journalists are asked to send original or legible copies of any resulting articles or broadcast links for us to share with any Pasadena business mentioned.


  1. The Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau offers no more than two (2) complimentary night’s stay. If a visiting journalist would like to arrive prior to their arranged visit and/or stay longer, they will be responsible for all expenses (hotel, food, etc.)
  2. We cannot guarantee complimentary or press rate accommodations, especially during peak holidays, major events and high season periods. In general summer and winter are high seasons, especially weekends.
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