Explore the Joy of AAPI Culture

Celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage

Pasadena is your gateway to one of the biggest hubs of Asian Pacific American culture - the San Gabriel Valley. AAPI heritage is celebrated here all year long, with frequent reminders of the delicious, beautiful, and enriching contributions that these communities have made to our city and beyond.

Taste of AAPI

Indulge in the authentic flavors of AAPI culture through the abundance of culinary experiences in Pasadena. The area is rich in multigeneration and multiethnic AAPI diversity, allowing visitors to experience various subcultures through food.

AAPI Contributions: Pasadena's Botanical Gardens

Pasadena is blessed with fertile soil, favorable climate, and many botanical gardens. During the end of the 19th century, there was a widespread fascination with Asian culture and garden design. Enjoy the contributions of AAPI gardeners and botanists in Pasadena's living, and everchanging, botanical museums.

AAPI Museum Exhibitions & Events

From cultural institutions and ornate landmark buildings to exhibitions and performances, enjoy the rich cultures and vital histories of AAPI heritage in Pasadena.

City of Pasadena Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

The City of Pasadena celebrates AAPI Heritage Month throughout the month of May with community events at Pasadena's public libraries and parks. Programs and events include cultural and educational activities, workshops, and take-home craft projects—all of which aim to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for the AAPI community and their contributions to the city of Pasadena.