Grist and Toll

Grain miller Nan Kohler runs Grist & Toll in an industrial complex just north of the 110 freeway finish on Arroyo Parkway. She mills powdery, stone-ground, whole grains in a wooden Austrian mill, visible through glass in the tiny shop. Metal racks hold bagged grains like organic California cornmeal, organic emmer/farro flour, sifted durum and teff, a gluten-free Ethiopian option best known for injera. Grist & Toll provides detailed breakdowns of each grain, suggested uses, flavor profiles, baking applications, and insider baking tips. The shop also sells items like Red Bread jams starring fruit from Pasadena Farmers Market, Semolina pasta, and colorful rolling pins from a retired customer.

  • Exclusive to Pasadena

Grist and Toll

990 S. Arroyo Pkwy. #1
Pasadena, CA 91105

  • Phone: 626-441-7400