Callisto Tea House

Fueled by a passion for tea and storytelling, Callisto Tea House is a woman-owned space offering high-quality single origin teas from around the world. Try the Kung Fu Tea service, a traditional tea ceremony with origins in Fujian, China that incorporates meticulous timing and temperatures to maximize the taste of specific tea varietals. Focusing on the origin of each tea varietal, Callisto Tea House celebrates the entire cultivation process from farm to cup. Enjoy a selection of mini toasts and pastries like tangerine marmalade toast, black sesame toast, lemon ginger scone, pandan cookies, and ube blondies. The tea house highlights woman-owned farms and distributors and works to support Pasadena’s Friend In Deed nonprofit.

  • Only In Pasadena

Callisto Tea House

1359 N. Altadena Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91107

  • Phone: (626)-345-5615