Bloomfield Creamery

Enjoy the high quality, homemade, premium ice cream from this family-owned creamery. On the menu, there's also frozen yogurt and edible cookie dough. Enjoy flavors straight out of Michigan such as Michigan Cherry with Chocolate Chips. For those looking for vegan ice cream, Bloomfield offers selections such as Chocolate Honeycomb, Peanut Buttercup, and Birthday Cake made with oat milk.

Ice cream chefs Bijan and Leila Sadeghi hail from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where their parents have been in the ice cream industry for over 40 years. Bringing the Midwestern ice cream traditions to Pasadena, the duo opened Bloomfield Creamery in Pasadena's East Washington neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Bloomfield Creamery

  • Kid-Friendly
  • Only In Pasadena
  • Small Business

Bloomfield Creamery

1727 E Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104

  • Phone: (626) 714-7750