Cheeseburger Centennial Celebration

Celebrating 100 Years Since The Cheeseburger Was Invented in Pasadena

As the foodlore goes, the cheeseburger made its debut 100 years ago at The Rite Spot in western Pasadena. In January 2024, join Pasadena in celebrating the almighty, all-American cheeseburger for giving us 100 years of cheesy, irresistibly delicious, and comforting goodness.🍔💯

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The Rite Spot

The Cheeseburger Origin Story

Who invented the cheeseburger? Why, it was none other than Lionel Clark Sternberger who first introduced the cheeseburger to the masses in 1924, at his dad's restaurant along Pasadena's Route 66.

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Stay in Pasadena this January 2024, get a free cheeseburger

Free Cheeseburger With Your Stay

Experience the cheeseburger, the holy grail of American cuisine, as it gracefully turns 100 years old in it's hometown of Pasadena, California. Celebrated across the world and satisfying cravings for a century, the cheeseburger is getting a month long birthday party in January 2024. Join us in all our celebrations across town during your stay this January, and get a free cheeseburger. 🍔💯


Pasadena Cheeseburger Centennial Experiences

During January 2024 in Pasadena, there's a citywide celebration of the 100th anniversary of the cheeseburger. Join us in wishing our darling cheeseburger a very happy 100.🍔💯



Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

Cheeseburger Week returns January 21-27, 2024 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the cheeseburger in Pasadena. Dine in honor of Lionel Sternberger, the man behind the cheeseburger. The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is introducing a Cheeseburger Passport this year to commemorate the occasion, complete with collectable stamps and exciting prizes! Information will be updated on the website by January 6th.

Pasadena Cheeseburger Week