See The New Art in Old Pasadena

May 17, 2023 | Posted in Arts & Culture

Old Pasadena's infinite historic charm is graced by a vibrant new art installation hanging above Douglas Alley. Colorful acrylic shapes dangle above, inspired by abstract "cloud-like" shapes.

Credit: One Colorado

The Sky's the Limit

Created by Corrie Sullivan, "The Sky's the Limit" celebrates and welcomes the new stores opening at One Colorado - including gorjana, Brilliant Earth, Alo Yoga and Vuori. Made out of 15 different colorful transparent and mirrored acrylic shapes, the installation took about 10 hours to complete.


The Sky’s the Limit will be up through August 2023 and One Colorado is encouraging visitors to share in the fun by posting a picture on Instagram and tagging @OneColoradoOldPasadena for a chance to win a $100 gift card to one of the four newest retailers. The giveaway ends on August 31st, 2023.

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Public Art Nearby

Pasadena Coyote, located in Douglas Alley, was created by artist Mary Chomenk Hinckley. This installation features a bronze coyote standing next to a bronze box, created to express Hinckley’s views of culture and nature coexisting.

Kneeling Man With Hammer, located on the corner of Smith and Hugus Alley, by artist Viola Frey used her ceramic skills to create this sculpture of a man doing his day to day job. Using rich hues of color, Frey works to depict people doing everyday activities through her art.