Local Beer


Guide to Pasadena

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Westin Hotel Bar

5 Best Beer Bars in Pasadena

With warm weather and sunny, blue skies, it's completely understandable for Pasadena visitors to want to kick back and relax with an ice cold beer.


Outdoor Meetings

Holding your meeting in Pasadena means your attendees will get to enjoy fresh air, wide-open spaces, and of course, the beautiful Southern California sunshine.


The Brunch Guide to Pasadena

Brunch is back and leisurely weekend feasts have officially been revived across Pasadena, where even the brunch is a Southern Californian crossroads of food,...


Bubble Tea and Boba Guide

Whether you call it boba, bubble tea, milk tea, or pearl tea, there’s no denying Pasadena's bubble tea shops are packed with unique flavors and toppings.

Granville patio bar

Outdoor Dining in Pasadena

With warm weather and blue skies year-round, many Pasadena restaurants offer al fresco dining where diners can soak in the Southern California sunshine...