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The 25,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom is divisible in 8 sections of varying combinations, making it perfect for banquets, fundraisers, weddings and more.

Space:DimensionsSquare FeetBanquetClassroomTheater
Section A58′ x 40′2,320120150252
Section B58′ x 40′2,320120150252
Section C58′ x 37′2,146120144232
Section A-C58′ x 117′6,786400504840
Section D42′ x 117′4,914270315540
Section E42′ x 117′4,914270315540
Section D-E84′ x 117′9,8286307561,080
Section F58′ x 37′2,146120144232
Section G58′ x 40′2,320120150252
Section H58′ x 40′2,320120150252
Section F-H58′ x 117′6,786400504840
Section E-H100′ x 117′11,7007208821,320
Section A-D100′ x 117′11,7007208821,320
Section A-E142′ x 117′16,6141,0001,1971,803
Entire Ballroom200′ x 117′23,4001,6001,6802,552
Pasadena Convention Center, Ballroom, Southern California Venue, Gala, Reception, Catering,
Pasadena Convention Center, Ballroom, Reception, Gala, Los Angeles, Venue, Events