Go live, wherever you are, and connect to your audience.

Hybrid & Virtual Meetings

The Pasadena Convention Center's preferred audiovisual partner, Encore, offers the expertise, service and state of the art technology to help you create a customized hybrid meeting
blending the in-person and virtual experience together.

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Event Solutions

Whether you are looking to host a video conference, webcast, audio conference, web conference, or hybrid event, our solutions help you stay connected today without losing audience engagement and interaction. Encore's presentation packages include a full-service suite of technical equipment and onsite assistance.

  • Enhanced attendee engagement: Capture your audience’s attention with a dynamic presentation streamed live or video on demand.
  • Speaker and attendee flexibility: Bring speakers and attendees to your event, regardless of their location and without having to travel to a central place.
  • Flawless production: Our team will support you with all aspects of virtual event production. From planning to rehearsal, presenter direction, and virtual stage management to execution and post-production.
  • Custom branding: Each of our virtual presentation stage packages allow for various custom branding opportunities.
  • Leading-edge technology: Leveraging our extensive experience in event technology, our teams can create compelling onstage moments using the latest in available technology.

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Presentation Packages

Encore's Virtual Presentation Stages come with a complete technical set up so you can deliver your message via any online solution. The best part is, you’ll have an expert team onsite to help optimize your presentation as well as our virtual stage team to manage the event so all of your speakers can present with confidence.

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Connect remote presenters and participants with Chime Live. Chime Live’s interactive features help overcome distractions and keep engagement levels high. At home, at work or at the venue, Chime Live simplifies your streaming process and easily broadcasts keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned.

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