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Pasadena’s Best Coffee Shops and Cafes

September 23, 2019

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Whether you need a coffee, latte, espresso, or tea to start you day, Pasadena has you covered. With coffee shops and cafes spread all around the city and plenty in each district, you can always find the caffeine (or caffeine-free alternative) you need to boost your energy. Take a look at our guide to find the best place to grab a cup of joe.  

Art + Science Cafe

Art + Science Cafe is an adorable little spot in the Playhouse District that lives up to its name. The cafe is located on a quiet street and includes a tranquil outdoor patio with gorgeous shrubbery, bright umbrellas, and darling outdoor furniture. The creative design transmits into their food as well, with lattes created with animal illustrations in the foam.

Little Flower Candy Co.

Little Flower Candy Co. is a sweet cafe with delicious candy, coffee, and sandwiches. The fresh ingredients are also for sale, lined along a wall stocked with baking mixes, honey, jellies, spices, flours, and more so patrons can take the cafe home with them. Their simple menu is packed with green choices and feature an array of delectable fruits and vegetables.

Lavender & Honey

The little boutique, Lavender & Honey is a coffee bar and deli that is known for it’s minimalist and modern ambiance. The signature hanging “succulent wall” is constantly featured on the Instagram and Snapchat of its many visitors throughout the day. The shop includes an espresso bar, sadwich bar, atea and lemonade bar, and more. 

Jones Coffee Roasters

Uniting cultural borders, Jones Coffee Roasters is a Pasadena “mom-and-pop-shop” success story. Established in 1994, the roastery grew on the retail and cafe side and became the beloved cafe it is today with two locations – one on Raymond Ave. and one inside Vroman’s Bookstore. Jones Coffee’s beans are acquired through direct trade with Guatemala, Sumatra, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda and loyalists can buy their own blend to take home when they visit the Raymond location.

Lincoln Cafe

Lincoln Cafe is a spin-off of Little Flower Candy Co. with adorable heart-embellished espressos, fluffy pancakes and breakfast sandwiches, refreshing bowls and salads, and sandwich and burger entrees. In addition, the little cafe creates some of the best buttercream cakes, including their unique churro cake and chocolate lavender cake. 

Amara Chocolate and Coffee Cafe

Amara Cafe takes coffee and hot chocolate and puts a firey twist on it. Their lattes and hot chocolate come with a spicy option that uses chili pasilla to give it a Venezuelan flare that is sure to wake you up in the morning. And if you think their coffee sounds good, just wait until you try their arepas and cachapas plates. 

Home Brewed Bar

Home Brewed is a great place for specialty drinks that put a spin on your typical morning routine. Switch out a standard cup of coffee for their toddy latte made with cold brew coffee and sweetened house cream, frappes, milk teas, or fruit teas. Add toppings like lychee jelly, coffee, taro whipped cream, or “make it dirty.”

Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters

Established in April of 2006, Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of two friends, who shared a passion for coffee and began roasting at home for friends and family. Their dream grew into a full-blown business that now serves smooth, rich, and full-bodied coffee to Pasadena locals and loyal customers. Their beans come from various areas in Africa, Central America, Indonesia, and South America with decaf options available as well.

Rosebud Coffee

Rosebud Coffee began as an old coffee cart traveling around Los Angeles and has grown into a permanent location. The community-focused shop began as a refuge and served as a way to empower homeless and transitional-aged youth to practice a newfound craft – serving an amazing cup of coffee. Given a cause, Rosebud also serves a variety of coffees, espressos, teas, and pastries.

Zona Rosa Caffee

Zona Rosa Caffe is a local coffee shop that specializes in Latin organic fair trade coffee and espresso. They offer pastries and the potato balls from Portos Bakery, as well as bagels from Einstein Bros. Savor a Zocalo con Platano, an orange 50/50, or a Mexican hot chocolate among other drink options, while relaxing in the comfortable art gallery loft space or on the patio outside.

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