• Sp[a]ce
  • 39 E. Walnut St.
  • Pasadena, CA 91103
  • USA
  • Saturday, May 04, 2019 - Sunday, September 08, 2019
  • 12:00pm - 6:00pm
  • ROBOT REMIX is a show with a diverse mix of artistic mediums, limited edition art toys, and an Immersive XR Series including a VR Cinema and artist talks. Curated by Mark Todd, Dov Kelemer/DKE Toys, Paisley Smith and Milo Talwani. “This eclectic exhibition showcases over seventy artists, each exploring the wide spectrum of what a robot represents. From a fun and playful visually pop approach to more analytic and somber notions, the artists’ work ranges from painting, sculpture, and ‘bootleg’ toys, to XR, interactive and kinetic art.”

    ROBOT REMIX Immersive XR Series begins on Saturday, June 1st. Schedule coming soon!


    Saturday & Sunday, noon-6:00 pm, through September 8; free.

    About the Curators

    Mark Todd

    Mark Todd is an artist, teacher and curator living in Los Angeles. For this exhibition he has brought together a cohesive and eclectic group of artists whose work signifies the current climate of modern mark making. Much like The Post It Show that he curates each year at Giant Robot Gallery, Mark’s curating style is immensely creative, with a vision for inviting artists and viewers into a space that is as fun as it is insightful and provoking.

    DKE Toys

    Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks are Co-Founders of DKE Toys which was the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers. Dov and Sarah were asked to curate the “bootleg” action figure section of the ROBOT REMIX art show. Over 40 artists were asked to interpret the robot theme into their work.

    Each piece is generally made of hand-poured resin and many are hand painted on custom printed (and sometimes hand-drawn) card backs. While these figures are generally referred to as “bootlegs” they are far from pirated versions of mass marketed toys. Each of these artists use transformative properties in their work to communicate ideas that are often political, parody, or commentary about the pop culture world we live in. Most artists will be making editions of up to 10 pieces of their particular concept. More info: www.dketoys.com

    Paisley Smith and Milo Talwani

    Paisley Smith is a Canadian virtual reality filmmaker working in Los Angeles. Her virtual reality works include Homestay (B.C. Spotlight Audience Award, VIFF Immersive) and Unceded Territories (Tribeca Immersive 2019). Smith believes we can use technology and art to connect more deeply with the world around us, and our own story. More info here: www.paisleysmith.com Milo Talwani is a composer. They live in Los Angeles and spend a lot of time in and around virtual realities. They work with the Sundance Film Festival’sNew Frontier section, the Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca Immersivesection, and sp[a]ce gallery to make it easier for other people spend a lot of time in and around virtual realities, too.

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