• Saturday, August 12, 2017
  • 12:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Public Art Exhibition

    Los Angeles artists takeover Pasadena with temporary art installations throughout Old Pasadena’s unique urban and historic spaces at the inaugural BoldPas. Visitors can meander historic alleyways and side streets to explore Old Pasadena’s wonderful history, architecture, retailers, and restaurants, while taking in unique artistic interventions at every turn. Merchants will also participate with creative displays on their storefronts and window displays.

    Event Maps

    Event Maps will be available so you can take a self-guided tour of all the district-wide art installations and Art Stops at 36 W. Colorado Blvd., 91105 or 109 E. Union Street, 91103.

    Walking Tour

    The public will have the opportunity to take one of two walking tours during the event, guided by Pasadena Walking Tours. While strolling the district, tour-goers will learn more about Old Pasadena’s permanent public art while also taking in the installations and chatting with the day’s guest artists.

    Walking Tour Times & Cost

    1:30pm & 5pm, Both tours will be identical and require advance registration. The cost is $10.

    For more information and Tickets

    Selected Artists

    Abby Luck |”Rainbow Gates”— Recyclable and brightly colored large streamers strung across an urban alleyway to create seven inverse rainbows.

    Anali Gharakhani | “Blister”— Seven compressed and nesting cardboard spheres that can be rearranged for visitors to sit and lounge.

    Arty Vartanyan & Zenah Sakaamini | “Vantage Obscura”— Six 8-foot cubes of simple yarn and translucent colored film woven throughout a wooden framework where the viewer walks around and inside of the art work.

    Ash Cano | “Rose Garden”—  garden of six-foot roses crafted from painted pipes, cardboard, and fabric that can be “plucked” and serve as a photographic prop.

    Asli Tusavul | “Better as a Color”

    L.L. Kessner | “Micro/Marco Wave”— This tissue paper “tapestry” will call to mind a hanging sea of brightly colored blue waves and the pattern of microwave radiation.

    Paul Heintz | “Colorful Cacti”— 200 brightly colored papier-mache cacti, some of them standing upwards of seven feet tall, bringing a showy garden to an urban alley.

    Po Yang Leung | “Walking the Pets”— A whimsical papier-mache installation of “pets” ranging in size from 18” to 36” tall – a size meant to encourage interaction with visitors.

    Sarah Umles | “Crystal Lucida”— An installation that encourages visitors to paint the reflections and colorful shadows created on a white table surface when light is refracted through 100 cut-glass containers filled with colored water.

    Viviana Palacio | “Displacement of Working Objects”— Evoking Pasadena’s past as a citrus grove capital, the installation places together found wooden orchard ladders formerly used for fruit picking.

    Live Painting

    Andrew Ham  |  renowned LA painter/muralist, will be live painting on Mercantile Place throughout the day in preparation for an upcoming exhibition.

    Artists presented by Flower Pepper Gallery

    Maggie Chiang | Taiwanese American full time artist and part time dreamer. 

    Amy Van Gilder | Muppet builder for The Muppet Show, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal & Fraggle Rock. Former Disney Imagineer.

    Liten Kanin | Tory Lin is a painter, sculptor, jewelry designer, and maker of tiny animal goods.

    Vivien Mildenberger | ArtCenter graduate.  Now based in Nashville, Vivien is an illustrator, ceramicist, and general maker of magic.

    Valerie Pobjoy | ArtCenter graduate. LA-based Valerie draws, paints, and sculpts wildlife and people.

    Lena Sayadian | Southern California native, currently a local in Los Angeles working as an illustrative artist.

    Joey Stupor | 23-year-old artist from Newport Beach, incorporates crystals, nature, and creatures in his work.

    Yetis & Friends | Pasadena-based, husband and wife are a hand-crafted monster team.

    Metro Gold Line

    The Metro Gold Line is a light rail train that runs between East Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley. There are two train stations within walking distance to Old Pasadena, (1) Del Mar Station is few blocks away, it is about a ten minute walk. (2) Memorial Park Station is four blocks away, it takes eight minutes to walk and there are no hills on this route. Cost is $1.75 per person each way, students k-12 pay $1 each way. More…


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