Virtual Learning and Education Activities

Advanced Heliophysics

Current space solar missions supported by NASA and ESA – info and activities for kids and adults.


Explore the universe of astronomy with videos and live chats that entertain and inform.

All of Caltech’s public lectures and Q&A panels from the last three years are now available for streaming on YouTube.

Take a guided journey through the amazing TRAPPIST-1 star system, known to be the home of seven Earth-size exoplanets orbiting a star that is only a little larger than Jupiter. This immersive VR experience is based on the best current understanding of what these worlds could be like given their sizes, densities, and proximity to their star.

Experience an immersive universe of infrared light as you follow the mission of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope in VR. Spitzer is one of NASA’s Great Observatories and concluded its mission on January 30th, 2020.

Create your own selfies from outer space! NASA Selfies lets you put your photo in a virtual spacesuit in front of some of NASA’s most captivating space images. Share these space selfies on social media, and learn about the science behind the pictures.

Caltech Spitzer Space Telescope Experience is a narrative VR tour of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Learn how it observes the sky.

Expressive Connections

Regulation 101: How to Keep Your Kids and Yourself Happy at Home – Free webinar by Dr. Kimmy Goldstein, Occupational Therapist.


JPL has a substantial amount of science education materials and resources for teachers, parents, and students, all free and readily available and structured for learning at home called “Learning Space with NASA at Home.”

Keystone Investigative Services, Inc.

Keystone Investigative Services, Inc. provides educational articles on how to protect your personal information, identity theft resources, and insights on hot topics in security and investigative services.

KPCC No-Panic Guide Live

Join Sharon and KPCC In Person as she walks you through a quick tutorial on converting that old cotton T-shirt into a brand-new face covering. Additionally, Sharon will check in with small business owner and former nurse Sonia Smith-Kang about her recent shift from making children’s clothes to creating handmade masks.

Isolated at home with kids age 5 and younger? Need some helpful advice on, well, just surviving? Join KPCC/LAist early childhood education reporter Mariana Dale and parenting expert Reena B. Patel for a conversation about raising young children during a pandemic.

Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA

New free webinar series for animal lovers and pet owners that gives viewers the chance to strengthen their bond with their pet and understand peaceful coexistence with wildlife while learning valuable new skills.

Planetary Society

“Planetary Radio” brings you the human adventure across our solar system and beyond with scientists, engineers, leaders, advocates, and astronauts.