Pasadena Convention Center

Convention Center

Green Meetings

Host your next meeting or convention at one of the country’s greenest convention centers. Because of its commitment to environmental responsibility, the expanded Pasadena Convention Center has been awarded the highly coveted LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the United States Green Building Council.

Pasadena Convention Center’s Go Green Initiatives

  • High-efficiency lighting and equipment, including LED technology.
  • Automated building control systems.
  • Aggressive convention and operational recycling program with recycling bins throughout the facility
  • Cardboard compactor at loading dock
  • Drought-resistant landscaping
  • A new, energy-efficient central plant ensures the larger facility operates without adding to Southern California’s electrical grid.
  • Incentives for employees using public transportation.
  • Water-conserving restroom fixtures are predicated to reduce water


• The facility is designed to perform 32% better than California’s energy efficiency standards, thanks to our automated, high-efficiency lighting and equipment (including LED technology)
• Minimal lighting and air conditioning/heating levels are maintained during move-in/move-out days or turned off during ‘dark days’
• Motion-sensor lighting installed in administrative offices and public restrooms


• With low-flow toilets, waterless urinals, drought-resistant landscaping, and storm water run-off used for irrigation, our water
consumption is 20% below the minimum requirements
• Filtered water stations available throughout the facility reduce the amount of plastic bottles in waste and the amount of un-consumed glasses/pitchers of water.


• Aggressive recycling program for show and operational waste
• Replaced restroom paper towels with energy efficient hand-dryers
• Centerplate®, the Pasadena Convention Center’s food & beverage provider, maintains an on-site herb garden, which harvests 100%
organically grown ingredients and composts a portion of kitchen waste (banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags, etc.)
• Cardboard compactor
• Recycle bins throughout facility
• organic waste recycling


• Building designed with 44% locally manufactured materials
• Meeting and banquet chairs are made from recycled plastic
• 98% of the construction waste from the Pasadena Convention Center’s expansion project was recycled


• PCOC encourages using public transportation and/or carpooling
• Public transit subsidy for employees
• Vanpool/carpool designated parking spaces
• 8 level 2 electric vehicle chargers in parking structure


• Eco-friendly cleaning products
• Biodegradable utensils are available in catered service and concessions