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Eclipse Viewing in Pasadena

August 16, 2017

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Mount Wilson Observatory

The best place to view the solar eclipse in Pasadena is the Mount Wilson Observatory, located in the mountains above town. The observatory will open on Monday, August 21 beginning at 8:00 AM and offer free solar observing glasses, however there is a limited amount of these special glasses so you might want to bring your own. While this is a total eclipse of the sun, it will be 62% visible (partial) from Southern California.

Eclipse Schedule

8:00 AM, doors open

9:05 AM, partial eclipse begins

10:21 AM, maximum eclipse

11:44 AM, partial eclipse concludes

Live Feed Projection (Outdoors)

Mount Wilson Observatory will open a 150 foot solar tower that will project an enlarged image of the eclipse onto a viewing surface.

Live Feed Projection (Indoors)

the observatory will attempt to transmit the eclipse onto a projection screen inside the auditorium by using a hydrogen alpha solar telescope.

Observatory History

The observatory’s Hooker telescope is one of the most famous telescopes in observational astronomy of the 20th century. It was used by Edwin Hubble to prove that the Universe goes beyond the Milky Way galaxy and showed that it was expanding. The discoveries made with the Hooker telescope fundamentally changed the scientific view of the Universe.

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