The Pasadena Convention Center is prepared as an alternative care site for Huntington Hospital in case there is a surge of patients needing treatment over the next 60 days that exceeds their capacity.

While we stand ready to assist our community in being prepared, the need to activate has not materialized at this time. Huntington Hospital has also increased its bed capacity by 40% and can currently handle all patients needing care.

The make-shift facility would be used in the event the Hospital is unable to accommodate an influx of patients and would serve patients who need minimal care or those who don’t have people at home to care for them.

If the facility is activated, the Pasadena Convention Center will be contracting professional services to follow CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

In the midst of this crisis, we have not lost sight of the needs of our clients. In collaboration with our hotel partners, we are actively working with all customers, according to event timing, to ensure we are meeting all contractual obligations. We are prioritizing the rescheduling of events for future dates where possible.

The Pasadena Convention Center is proud to work with the City of Pasadena and Huntington Hospital to respond during this unprecedented crisis, and we hope you will continue to support us, now and in the future.

[May 3, 2020]